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Einhell Cordless Angle Grinder TE-AG 18 Li – Solo

Our TE-AG 18 Li – Solo angle grinder has a rugged aluminium gear housing. For smooth operation, the motor and gears are separated. Thanks to the soft start function and restart safeguard, the angle grinder starts up smoothly and is safer to use. With its slimline design, ergonomic soft grip and the additional handle which...View more

Einhell Cutting Stand TS 125/115

The Einhell TS 125/115 cutting stand is suitable for angle grinders with a cutting disc diameter of 115 mm and 125 mm. This practical cutting stand turns the angle grinder into a safe cutting machine that can be used for profiles, tubes and rods out of metal. The base of the cutting stand can be...View more

Einhell Foldable Sawhorse

This robust and stable sawhorse, made of zinc plated metal, is designed for easy cutting of wood. The sawhorse offers a choice of three working heights. The sturdy retaining sprockets keep the wood from turning. It is also foldable for space-saving storage and easy transportation.View more

Einhell Multifunctional Tool TE-MG 200 CE

The high-quality, compact and ergonomically designed TE-MG 200 CE multifunction tool is a professional tool for extension and renovation jobs, that will save you a great deal of effort with its many different functions. Sawing, sanding and scraping are performed easily and speedily with this handy all-rounder. The electronic speed control ensures smooth starting and...View more

Einhell Router TE-RO 1255 E

The TE-RO 1255 E router is a high-quality, powerful tool for experts, and will tackle even the most challenging routing jobs in solid wood, plywood and particleboard. The routing depth is easily preselected using the turret stop, and can also be exactly adjusted using the precision depth adjustment facility. A chip shield provides additional protection....View more

Einhell Spray Gun with Paint Cup

This Einhell spray gun with paint cup, to be used with a compressor, supplies low pressure and allows for softer spraying and increased control, offering high transfer efficiency. It’s an ideal solution for any spraying task, including painting vehicles and fences and walls. Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold.View more

Einhell Wet & Dry Grinder TC-WD 150/200

The TC-WD 150/200 wet-dry grinder from Einhell is an indispensable helper for all wet and dry grinding jobs, like the sharpening of knives and blades, amongst other things. This grinder is equipped with one coarse grinding wheel and one slow-turning, fine, wet grinding wheel, each mounted on a shaft with ball-bearings that has no play...View more

Einhell Wood Lathe TC-WW 1000

Our versatile, high-quality wood lathe TC-WW 1000 can handle all lathing jobs with precision and safety. The wood lathe can be easily mounted simply to the included workbench with its separate guide frame. The quiet 350 W motor and durable 4-fold adjustable v-belt drive allow optimal adjustment of the lathing speed. The face driver and...View more