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FERM Bench Pillar Drill 350W TDM1025

With the TDM1025 bench pillar drill from FERM you quickly and easily drill holes in transportable work pieces. In addition to that, the bench pillar drill with adjustable height and angle (0 to 45 degrees) helps you work with the necessary precision. The 350 Watt powerful machine is fitted with 5 speed settings for optimum...View more

FERM Bottle Jack Max. 2000 kg JBM1001

The JBM1001 bottle jack from FERM makes changing tyres extremely easy. The compact car jack is has a maximum lift capacity of 2000 kg and is therefore extremely suitable for lifting heavy objects such as cars, caravans and trailers. The robust car jack is easy to operate and lightweight, which makes the device comfortable to...View more

FERM Circular Saw 1200W – 185 mm CSM1033

Fast and precise cutting with this FERM CSM1033 circular saw. Thanks to its parallel stop, laser guide and powerful 1200 Watt motor, you can finish every job in no time. The circular saw has an adjustable baseplate and it is perfect for saw cuts between 45° and 90°. The 185 mm saw blade reaches 5000...View more

FERM Electrodes 3.2 mm 5 kg WEA1015

These high-quality electrodes WEA1015 from FERM create smooth weld beads and are highly resistant to acids. They have Cr-Ni filler metal. The slag is easy to remove. They are suitable for the FERM WEM1035 and WEM1042 arc welders, which you can also find in our webshop (sku: 400138, 402190).View more

FERM Ferm Power Cordless Li-Ion Drill 14,4 V CDM1113S

This FERM CDM1113S Li-Ion cordless drill is fitted with 2 speed positions and can be used to drill in steel and wood. In addition to that, the machine has multiple power settings for precision control while drilling. You can also adapt the torsion, so you can bring the cordless drill under the right pressure. The...View more

FERM Hammer Drill 600W – HDM1026S

With the compact HDM1026S 600 Watt FERM hammer drill you bring a multifunctional machine to your home, fitted with electronic speed regulation. This power driver is suitable for drilling holes of up to 20 mm in concrete and up to 13 mm in steel. It is also suitable for light demolition works. Because this machine...View more

FERM Hammer Drill 950W – HDM1027S

This HDM1027S FERM hammer drill is the ideal machine for drilling both in concrete as well as in stone. Because the hammer drill uses pneumatic impact force, it is extremely suitable for drilling larger holes in hard materials. The machine is also the ideal help for various demolition jobs. With an impact force of 2,8...View more

FERM Hand Truck max. 225 kg. – TTM1028

The FERM TTM1028 hand truck has a load capacity of 225 kg and that makes it very suitable for transporting heavy objects. The hand truck is fitted with ball bearing wheels and tyres, making the truck very manoeuvrable. The stitch plate is 350 x 180 mm, so you can also transport washing machines, large moving...View more

FERM Impact Drill 1050W – PDM1037S

The PDM1037S FERM impact drill has two speed positions and a variable speed control. Combined with the powerful 1050 Watt motor, this ensures optimum performance when drilling and impact drilling even under the hardest conditions. The impact drill drills holes of up to 40 mm in wood, 13 mm in steel and 16 mm in...View more

FERM Impact Drill 710W – PDM1036S

This FERM PDM1036S impact drill is suitable both for drilling and for hammer drilling. With a capacity of 710 Watt you can drill holes up to 25 mm in wood (speed drilling), 13 mm in concrete and 10 mm in metal. You can set the drilling speed of the machine yourself, so you can reach...View more