Mini Genuine Car Air Freshener Interior Fragrance Black Orange Scent 83122413487

The new interior odour from MINI with its Black Orange scent spreads a refreshing odour throughout the interior of the car using its ventilation system.
The one-piece car freshener (no refills) comprises a high quality MINI logo in the form of a cap with a bright chrome look and a matt black plastic body (polymer) containing the baked-in perfume. It is secured by simply placing the pimples in the ventilation grille.


- Ready to use: No complicated assembly.
- One-piece MINI car freshener.
- The pleasant atmosphere is created by the continuous release of perfume.
- Baking the oil into the plastic body of the car freshener enables the perfume to be released and therefore prevents damage to the ventilation grille.
- The pimples on the car freshener are placed through the ventilation grilles to give it a firm hold.
- The secure fastening of the car freshener is ideal for everyday use.
- The fresh elements ensure a good level of acceptance from both men and women.
- Scented oil Black Orange

Overtone: A bright fresh scent like orange blossom.
Heart: Arabian jasmine.
Base note: Combination of cedar wood, patcohuli, rose and honey.

- The size, shape and design have been exclusively developed for MINI ventilation grilles.
- A crash test was conducted on the pimple fastening. 

- The MINI interior odour is easy to remove from the packaging and is immediately ready for use.
- Simply insert the pimples on the car freshener between the ventilation grilles.
- Continuous uniform discharge of perfume and distribution throughout the interior of the car (including the rear seats). The perfume is more intense when the ventilation system is started and if the air is heated. The part may require fitment by a qualified technician!