Mini Genuine Fitted Luggage Compartment Boot Mat F60 Countryman 51472447613


Article Number: 51472447613

A whole new dimension in protection: The hard-wearing, anti-slip and perfectly fitting luggage compartment mat has a raised border and lets nothing through. This durable mat effectively protects the luggage compartment against dirt, moisture and other damage. Available in Essential Black and fitted with a design grip strip featuring the MINI logo, the luggage compartment mat is both practical and good-looking, and perfectly matches the rest of the interior. All in all, it offers the ideal foundation for stylish and clean motoring.

Benefits of the luggage compartment mat in Essential Black at a glance: a perfect fit - also comes with a practical grip strip
protects the luggage compartment against dirt, moisture and wear
does not block access to the fastening points in the luggage compartment
made of hard-wearing, easy-to-clean TPE plastic
high-quality design with a diamond pattern

1 Luggage compartment mat.



All objects must always be removed from the luggage compartment before the luggage compartment floor mat is laid.

MINI-Countryman F60-Countryman-Cooper B38-(YS31)-01.10.2016---1.400 kg
MINI-Countryman F60-Countryman-Cooper B38-(YS32)-01.10.2016---1.400 kg
MINI-Countryman F60-Countryman-Cooper B36-(YS73)-01.10.2016---1.400 kg
MINI-Countryman F60-Countryman-Cooper B36-(YU91)-01.10.2016---1.400 kg
MINI-Countryman F60-Countryman-Cooper ALL4 B38-(YS51)-01.10.2016---1.400 kg
MINI-Countryman F60-Countryman-Cooper ALL4 B38-(YS52)-01.10.2016---1.400 kg
MINI-Countryman F60-Countryman-Cooper ALL4 B36-(YV53)-01.10.2016---1.400 kg
MINI-Countryman F60-Countryman-Cooper D B47-(YT91)-01.10.2016---1.400 kg