Mini Genuine LED Door Projectors Welcome Step Logo Emblem Light 63312414106

Suitable for vehicles with fitted door entry lights.

If you are not sure whether this part will fit your vehicle, please send us your VIN number and we will check the compatibility for you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is for installation by trained technicians and not by an end user. Installation must be performed exclusively by a specialist workshop. Your local MINI Retailer will be able to assist with installation - Find a MINI Centre here -
Damage to any part due to incorrect fitment is not covered under warranty.
MINI-R50-3 doors-Cooper W10-(RC31)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-Cooper W10-(RC32)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-Cooper W10-(RC33)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One 1.4i W10-(RA11)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One 1.6i W10-(RA31)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One 1.6i W10-(RA32)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One D W17-(RB11)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One D W17-(RB12)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Coop.S JCW GP W11-(RE91)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Coop.S JCW GP W11-(RE92)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Coop.S JCW GP W11-(RE93)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Cooper S W11-(RE31)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Cooper S W11-(RE32)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Cooper S W11-(RE33)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S BEV I15-(MF74)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF91)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF92)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF93)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF31)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF32)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF33)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper D W16-(MG31)-01.09.2015---0.044 kg