Mini Genuine Logo All Weather Rubber Floor Mats Set/Kit Front 51472243913


Article Number: 51472243913

With raised step section and textile insert - to protect shoes.


2-piece set of front floor mats.
Installation information.



Always remove all mats or other objects from the floor of the car before laying the floor mats.
After every clean, ensure that the floor mats are properly secured so that they do not slip while driving.
Always use the hook and loop fastener discs / screw caps supplied.
If there are already hook and loop fastener discs / screw caps in the car, please replace them with the discs supplied!

Rubber floor mats with MINI logo, front, set of two
With an embossed tread and textile trim to protect shoes.

MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF91)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF92)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF31)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF32)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper D W16-(MG31)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper D W16-(MG32)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper S N14-(MF71)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper S N14-(MF72)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One N12-(ME31)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One N12-(ME32)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One D W16-(MG51)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One D W16-(MG52)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N18-(SU91)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N18-(SU92)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(SV91)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(SV92)-01.08.2011---2.350 kg