Mini Genuine Rear Cosmopolitan Floor Mats Set/Kit R56 51472213217


Article Number: 51472213217

Made of high-quality velour. Feature the MINI logo and reflective nubuck edging. Available for front and rear.


2-piece set of rear floor mats.
Installation information.


Short-pile velour made of 100% Polyamide 6 BCF yarn.
Yarn usage about 600 g/m2;.
NSF-latex coating on underside.
Nubuck border, two colours (black and reflective silver).

Cosmopolitan floor mats, rear, set of two
Made of high-quality soft velour and featuring the MINI logo and a reflective nubuck border.

MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S BEV I15-(MF74)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF91)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF92)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF93)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF31)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF32)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF33)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper D W16-(MG31)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper D W16-(MG32)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper S N14-(MF71)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper S N14-(MF72)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper S N14-(MF73)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One N12-(ME31)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One N12-(ME32)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One D W16-(MG51)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One D W16-(MG52)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N18-(SU91)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N18-(SU92)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N18-(SU93)-10.10.2011---0.573 kg