MINI Genuine Rear Rubber Floor Mats Set For R50 R53 51470300918


Article Number: 51470300918

With raised step section and textile insert - to protect shoes.


2-piece set of rear floor mats.
Installation information.

Rubber floor mats, rear, set of 2 (two) in black.
Represented by part number 2 in the diagram.

MINI-R50-3 doors-Cooper W10-(RC31)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-Cooper W10-(RC32)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-Cooper W10-(RC33)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One 1.4i W10-(RA11)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One 1.6i W10-(RA31)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One 1.6i W10-(RA32)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One D W17-(RB11)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R50-3 doors-One D W17-(RB12)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Coop.S JCW GP W11-(RE91)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Coop.S JCW GP W11-(RE92)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Coop.S JCW GP W11-(RE93)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Cooper S W11-(RE31)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Cooper S W11-(RE32)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg
MINI-R53-3 doors-Cooper S W11-(RE33)-01.03.2004---1.300 kg