MINI Genuine Roof Rack Removal Hooks + Cover Caps Spare Set R55 R56 82720426987

Removal hooks and cover caps, set
Genuine MINI removal hooks and replacement cover caps for the slots in the roof, where the roof rack system is fitted. Specifically designed and manufactured to fit the MINI roof base support system for models without roof railing (82 71 2 149 225).
Included: removal hooks; 4 caps

The part may require fitment by a qualified technician!
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S BEV I15-(MF74)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF91)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF92)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(MF93)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF31)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF32)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper N12-(MF33)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper D W16-(MG31)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper D W16-(MG32)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper S N14-(MF71)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper S N14-(MF72)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-Cooper S N14-(MF73)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One N12-(ME31)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One N12-(ME32)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One D W16-(MG51)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56-3 doors-One D W16-(MG52)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N18-(SU91)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N18-(SU92)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N18-(SU93)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(SV91)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(SV92)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Coop.S JCW N14-(SV93)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Cooper N16-(SU31)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Cooper N16-(SU32)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg
MINI-R56 LCI-3 doors-Cooper N16-(SU33)-12.02.2007---0.014 kg