MINI Genuine Window Glass Cleaning Magic Tissue Wipes Cloths 10 Pcs 83122343920

MINI Magic Tissues
Everything in one stroke: the new Genuine MINI Magic Tissues are ideal for rapid car cleaning and care.
The high-quality material, produced especially for MINI, makes the MINI Magic Tissues more tear-resistant and lintfree than equivalent products from other manufacturers.
Streak-free clean, inside and out: the Magic Tissue cleaning cloths can be used both inside the car and on the inside and outside of the windows, quickly removing dirt without leaving any streaks.
Universal all in one cleaning: MINI Magic Tissues remove all surface dirt from door sills, the dashboard or instrument cluster and even fingerprints from windscreens.
Cleaning with one wipe: the coordinated packaging keeps the liquid-soaked fleece tissues moist for a long time. Practical and convenient: the products feature simple and quick handling, fitting perfectly into any side pocket or glove compartment.
One pack contains ten soaked, lint-free fleece disposable tissues.