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Most of the people spend a lot of time in their own home and garden. Therefore it’s so important to choose the right furnishings. Whether you need furniture like tables, couches, beds and mattresses or new home decor items like lamps, carpets or curtains, you can find it all on pricecat. Discover our huge selection to improve any room in your house for a better atmosphere. You will also find a lot of tools for garden maintenance like lawn mowers, shovels or wheelbarrows as well as outdoor furniture. ... More

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YATO Yato 3 Arms Jaw Puller 4

The jaw puller is used to remove the toothed wheels, bearings, sleeves and belt wheels. The device has the arm opening limiter to the width of 100 mm, which protects the puller against sliding from uneven conal surfaces. It is designed for industrial use, mechanical and motorization service and in agricultural machinery service.View more

YATO Yato Dead Blow Rubber Mallet 740 g

The dead blow rubber mallet set is a useful set in every tinsmithing. The hammer has a face made of two-colour rubber with various hardness (black and white) according to your needs. With the rubber face you avoid causing damage to the material and particularly protect the varnish coats. The handle is made of varnished...View more

YATO Yato Disk Brake Spreader

The disc break spreader is a professional tool used in motorization service. This separator is very helpful for the exchange of brake blocks. It facilitates and improves the expansion of the wheel cylinders in the calipers. The disc break spreader eliminates the effect of parallel extension of cylinders which leads to their blocking. It works...View more

YATO Yato Oil Filter Wrench 73 – 85 mm

The oil filter key is made of a steel clip band that has protruding elements which restraint the key from sliding on the dirty filter. It features a handle covered with rubber and fitted with the joint for operation where there is a limited access. The joint and the clamping mechanism can tighten and loosen...View more

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