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Most of the people spend a lot of time in their own home and garden. Therefore it’s so important to choose the right furnishings. Whether you need furniture like tables, couches, beds and mattresses or new home decor items like lamps, carpets or curtains, you can find it all on pricecat. Discover our huge selection to improve any room in your house for a better atmosphere. You will also find a lot of tools for garden maintenance like lawn mowers, shovels or wheelbarrows as well as outdoor furniture. ... More

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Einhell Wet & Dry Grinder TC-WD 150/200

The TC-WD 150/200 wet-dry grinder from Einhell is an indispensable helper for all wet and dry grinding jobs, like the sharpening of knives and blades, amongst other things. This grinder is equipped with one coarse grinding wheel and one slow-turning, fine, wet grinding wheel, each mounted on a shaft with ball-bearings that has no play...View more

Einhell Wood Lathe TC-WW 1000

Our versatile, high-quality wood lathe TC-WW 1000 can handle all lathing jobs with precision and safety. The wood lathe can be easily mounted simply to the included workbench with its separate guide frame. The quiet 350 W motor and durable 4-fold adjustable v-belt drive allow optimal adjustment of the lathing speed. The face driver and...View more

FERM Bottle Jack Max. 2000 kg JBM1001

The JBM1001 bottle jack from FERM makes changing tyres extremely easy. The compact car jack is has a maximum lift capacity of 2000 kg and is therefore extremely suitable for lifting heavy objects such as cars, caravans and trailers. The robust car jack is easy to operate and lightweight, which makes the device comfortable to...View more

FERM Delta Sander 280 W DSM1009

With the FERM DSM1009 delta sander no job is too challenging. Thanks to the triangular sanding pad, the delta sander can easily access difficult corners, which makes the machine very suitable for smaller precision jobs. The delta sander can, for instance, be used for sanding and polishing wood, plastic, metal, putty and painted surfaces. Because...View more

FERM Electrodes 3.2 mm 5 kg WEA1015

These high-quality electrodes WEA1015 from FERM create smooth weld beads and are highly resistant to acids. They have Cr-Ni filler metal. The slag is easy to remove. They are suitable for the FERM WEM1035 and WEM1042 arc welders, which you can also find in our webshop (sku: 400138, 402190).View more

FERM Hand Truck max. 225 kg. – TTM1028

The FERM TTM1028 hand truck has a load capacity of 225 kg and that makes it very suitable for transporting heavy objects. The hand truck is fitted with ball bearing wheels and tyres, making the truck very manoeuvrable. The stitch plate is 350 x 180 mm, so you can also transport washing machines, large moving...View more

FERM Impact Wrench 1/2”” ATM1043

This FERM ATM1043 impact wrench is an indispensible tool for car enthusiasts. The powerful impact wrench easily unscrews and tightens bolts and nuts and is the ideal tool when changing car wheels or doing (dis)assembly work. The impact wrench is used in combination with a compressor which has a DIN or Orion connection, such as...View more

FERM Precision Belt Sander 400W – EFM1001

The FERM EFM1001 precision belt sander lives up to its name. This comfortable and easy to operate sander with an motor capacity of 400 Watt is ideal for the precise sanding jobs. The variable speed regulation helps you adjust the machine to the material with which you are working. This way, you obtain optimum sanding...View more

FERM Saw Blade 250 mm 30/16 40T TCT MSA1026

This MSA1026 saw blade (40T) from FERM can be used both with a bore diameter of 30 mm as well as one of 16 mm. The MSA1026 is a 40-tooth circular saw blade and suitable for the FERM TSM1033 and MSM1036 saws (you can find these in our webshop – sku: 402978 and 402186) and...View more

FERM Saw Blade 255 mm 30/16 40T TCT MSA1028

This MSA1028 40-tooth circular saw blade from FERM can be used both with a bore diameter of 30 mm as well as one of 16 mm. The MSA1028 is a 40-tooth circular saw blade and suitable for the TSM1033 table saw (you can find it in our webshop – sku: 402978) and other saws with...View more