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Acrylic Block

More of a decorative object than a frame, WhiteWalls acrylic block commands attention and stands stably by itself – in portrait or landscape format. Naturally, our 25mm-thick acrylic glass does not detract from the original photos quality. Quite the opposite, it really brings out the photos brilliance and depth. With WhiteWalls acrylic block, you can...View more

Acrylic Glass Stand

The acrylic glass stand from WhiteWall makes sure your favourite people and special moments are never far away. Theres a perfect place for attractive small formats in any flat – whether on a desk, a bookcase, or a windowsill.View more

Aluminium ArtBox

An ArtBox frame made of glazed aluminium turns your photo into a sculptural object befitting a gallery. Four depths are available, allowing you to choose according to the desired effect. Likewise, there are three mounting options for your image: acrylic glass, aluminium Dibond, or a Forex backing panel. The compact, modern silver or black ArtBox...View more

Canvas on stretcher frame

The ideal choice for those who want the space within their own walls to feel warm, calm and tranquil. A professional photo on traditional canvas combines cosy charm with simple elegance. With its unique matte surface, the canvas gives your image a vibrant, tactile materiality. We mount the canvas on a sturdy, solid wood frame...View more

Direct print behind acrylic glass

For many photographers, the direct print behind acrylic glass represents an affordable alternative to our premium, silicone-mounted original photo print, and it gives nothing away in appearance or quality. Presented behind acrylic, your image has remarkable depth and colour intensity. Combined with the sturdy backing and the integrated hanging system and spacers, the result is...View more

Direct print on aluminium Dibond

Display your photographic works anywhere you want; our direct print on aluminium Dibond is extremely robust, making it ideal for indoor and sheltered outdoor areas.View more

Direct print on brushed aluminium

Your photo is printed directly onto brushed aluminium Dibond with a BUTLERFINISH look. The result is eye-catching: The areas of the photograph that are white or very light are not printed, but instead take on the appearance of the brushed aluminium surface. This new, exquisite presentation format is particularly suited to fans of modern architecture,...View more

Direct print on Forex

Our 3 mm-thick Forex backing panel can make your dreams of even the largest format pictures come true. Although it is very sturdy, this foam-core material is also extremely light, making it a snap to hang on any wall. Even if youre looking to display your picture in a sheltered outdoor area, this first-class material...View more

Floater frame

Display your photos just as professionally as they would be shown at the leading art fairs: in a floater frame. Between the edges of your image and the frame, there is a 7 mm-wide shadow gap, which makes your image appear to be floating within the solid wood frame. This format is available in two...View more

Gallery Frame

WhiteWall manufactures gallery frames with great attention to detail and the very best craftsmanship. You can choose the moulding that supports your photos effect and that fits your own personal tastes. The frame is a crucial factor in how your image will be perceived. Our solid wood frames from oak, alder, cherry, maple or walnut...View more