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vidaXL 19 pcs GEN2 Wheel Hub Bearing Tool Kit 82mm for Ford, Land Rover,Volvo

This wheel hub bearing tool set is designed to evenly distribute pressure on the outer bearing race, and also allows for the suspension leg to remain in place on the vehicle when fitting new wheel bearings. It is suitable for certain models of Ford, Land Rover and Volvo. Made of high-quality material, this compact wheel...View more

vidaXL 20pcs Radio Tool Set

This car radio removal key set is ideal for stereo shops and DIY installers, auto mechanics, auto repair and auto body shops. This removal kits include: 4 x radio removal keys (new VW Beetle / Audi) 2 x radio removal keys (Mercedes Benz) 2 x radio removal keys (VW) 2 x radio removal keys (new...View more

vidaXL 4 in 1 Ball Joint U C Frame Press Service Kit

This 4-In-1 Ball Joint C Frame Service Kit is excellent for removal and installation of press-fit parts such as ball joints, universal joints and truck brake anchor pins. It is also perfect to remove rusted and corroded parts. This kit contains heavy-duty C frame press, receiver tubes, and installation and removing adapters. All tools are...View more

vidaXL Air Impact Tool Set 71-Piece

This very extensive tool kit works on air pressure and contains approximately 71 different components. From an air impact screwdriver and air ratchet wrench to a 1/4”” milling machine and all standard bits. Grinding stones and allen keys are also included. All parts can be organized and stored in the included plastic case.View more

vidaXL Ball Joint Separator Kit 2 pcs

This set of ball joint separators is used for quick and easy separation of ball joint connections. It is also useful for splitting track-rod ends and anti-roll bar mountings. Made of high-quality carbon steel, the pullers will be a dependable asset to your workshop. Delivery includes 2 ball joint separators.View more

vidaXL Benz/BMW Fan Service Clutch Holder Wrench Set

The Mercedes Fan Clutch Wrench is designed to lock nuts on thermo viscous radiator fans found on Mercedes-Benz & Ford, including M111, OM604, OM605 & OM606 engines from C & E classes. The Mercedes Fan Clutch Holding Tool allows the technician to hold the water pump pulley while loosening the radiator fan for R/R of...View more

vidaXL Camshaft Crank Timing Lock Tool Petrol Engine VAG VW Audi Skoda

This petrol engine timing tool kit contains the timing tools required for locking the camshaft and crankshaft when chasing the timing belt or repairing the engine. The complete kit contains essential tools for crank TDC positioning, camshaft setting and tensioner locking. This petrol engine timing tool kit is essential for timing belt replacement on Audi...View more

vidaXL Camshaft Locking Tool Timing Chain Change AUDI A4 B7 A6 FSI 2.4 3.2

This engine timing tool kit contains the timing tools required for adjustment work on the timing chain and other engine repair. It is applicable to Audi 2.4 FSI and 3.2 FSI gasoline V-engines. Applicable to the Audi series A4-B7 and A6-C6, this complete kit includes: 2 x camshaft locking tool OEM Ref T40070, 1 x...View more

vidaXL Car Body Panel Repair Dent Ding Puller Remover Tool

This car dent removal set is the essential tool for any family with cars because of its reasonable price and multipurpose design . This car dent removal set includes most necessary tools you need to repair the dent:1 cordless glue gun with 4 glue sticks,1 set of pops a dent (knockdown tool and scraper) and...View more

vidaXL CV joint remover tool

This CV joint puller quickly removes the CV joint from the drive shaft without damaging the joint, and keeps hands free for releasing retaining circlip. It helps to reduce risk of damage to transmission. This puller also saves on labour time and is suitable for most vehicles.View more